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Meet your Carnival Experience Curators

Meet Kayla Martone, the vivacious beautician and business owner who has turned her passion for travel into a thrilling carnival-chasing lifestyle. With an insatiable appetite for exploration and a deep love for experiencing new things, Kayla finds solace and inspiration in the rush of venturing beyond her comfort zone. Travel isn't just an escape for her—it's her way of life, shaping her perspective and fueling her dreams.


Hailing from Montreal, Canada, with Jamaican roots, Kayla has immersed herself in the vibrant world of carnivals, participating in over 30 carnival celebrations across the world: Trinidad, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Miami, Montreal, Bermuda, Mexico, and more. Her energy and genuine love for adventure make her an unforgettable presence wherever she goes.

Kayla Carnival Chaser

Meet Ashely Rowe Leu, despite studying law, Ashely realized that her heart belonged to the exhilarating world of exploration, making the bold decision to turn her wanderlust into a career and way of life. Her love for carnival, music and travel started as a child. describing herself as a Carnival Chaser, Ashely has participated in more than 20 Carnivals across the world, including Canada, Miami, Trinidad, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent, Jamaica, and Bermuda, with each carnival holding a special place in her heart.

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, with a vibrant Trini background, Ashely lives by an empowering motto: "I never do what others or society expects me to do. Only the things I love and what brings me joy. That's where you'll find what's meant for you."

     We've already made all the mistakes for you

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Planning a memorable carnival experience can be a daunting task, filled with potential pitfalls and missed opportunities. But fear not! Kayla and Ashely are here to save the day and ensure your carnival journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Leave your Carnival Travel Planning to planners who actually plan experiences they enjoy. 

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Trinidad Carnival 2023 | Tribe Dahlia Dolls | Jumbeez Jouvert

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